GIMX with Nintendo Switch?

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GIMX with Nintendo Switch?

Post by Wuffy »

Hi, is there anyone that could successfully use GIMX with the Nintendo Switch yet? :)
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Re: GIMX with Nintendo Switch?

Post by LoneWolf81 »


I moved your topic to this section.

Not at this stage it might be added later at some point but there is no specific time as of now.
Please Remember to Post your Log file in the support section , that way its easier and faster to start identifying the issue thus helping you to sort it out so you can enjoy GIMX :D .
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Re: GIMX with Nintendo Switch?

Post by gbafamily »


Anyone know if this works? The message is quite old so I wonder if it still works. There is also the Mayflash Magic-NS controller adapter. Anyone try with GIMX adapter?
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Re: GIMX with Nintendo Switch?

Post by histamine »

I just added nintendo switch support to GIMX. Not tested yet.

If you know how to compile the code, you can have a try.
Currently it requires a gimx adapter. But it's possbile to add bluetooth support.see
And it's possible to emulate a pro controller using usb gadget module. see

The firmware is modifed from ... te-Control

BTW, some fps on switch have a huge deadzone, for example doom、bullet storm.You may not have a good experince on those games.
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