Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by ThijsNL »

Iam sorry to say, but a leonardo (or mcu with usb device peripheral is essential!

The way the software works, the LUFA library uses the USB port of the leonardo act as a PS4 controller. The Uno has no dedicated USB hardware in the controller and uses a second off chip dedicated USB to UART chip. Therefore this cannot work.

Kind regards,

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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by mgr »

Just a comment, It seems that the only reasonable way to go is a Leonardo board for this project.
I have purchased the 5V Pro Micro board, and it turns out that I can not connect the USB Host Shield to this board,
as the USB Host Shield requires both 5V and 3.3V power (if I am not mistaken), and Pro Micro only provides 5V.
I think there are some 5V only versions of the USB Host Shield, so that would be a solution.
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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by 7osa »

Good evening everyone !
Thanks @thijsNL @Mysli0210 for the great help and for discovering this method to use gimx only without the need of a laptop or pc.

I just have few question that I need clarification for bcz I just can't get to fathom the idea.

1. I installed the arduino ide then installed LUFA, git, & python as instructed, then changed the settings.h as instructed.
Then what should i do to upload on the arduino leonardo, just compile it? What about the USB Host Shield? No role for it in the compilation process? After I compile on the leonardo alone, just use it alongside the usb host and everything should get going?

2. What is the hr connection diagram now?
I mean i guess now the hub that has the steering wheel and a ps4 controller will be connected to the usb host shield, and then where should i connect the usb host shield with the arduino?
And in the original gimx adaptor i was using the ft232r chip usb to uart, where will i use that too?

3.I have a logitech G27 steering wheel, what is the file that can allow me to change the code that assigns the buttons?

I will really appreciate it if anyone have tried this and can inform us with information regarding my questions.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by tiopepe »

Hello everyone,
I am tiopepe from Italy, and this is a first time to me in GIMX forum.

I built a diy pedals using Arduino Joystick Library: ... rJoystick/

My pedals gamepad works fine to windows

Now I would to use to use my diy gamepad (pedals) with ps4.

I noticed the fantastic job by ThijsNL about arduino only-based adapter and and I would like to ask for your help to realize my project

Thaks in advance for the support
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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by ThijsNL »

dar2q wrote:
Wed May 29, 2019 5:19 pm
maybe we can use some of the clone controllers chips like nuvoton ... mware-usb/
This seemed to look like a nice christmas project for me, as my first attempt failed, here is a second try.

I have:

- a 2nd hand controller from Hori for cheap
- a NuLink interface for debugging the Nuvoton NUC220SC3
- soldered some headers to the SWD pins


I could write an exciting story now about debugging and unlocking the chip, however it would not make any sense.
I managed to dump a part of the SRAM (8K) and it showed a particular string:


The A7105 is a standalone (semi)custom NXP security chip (made for S0ny?) that 3rd party controller deverlopers use to authenticate their controller with the PS4 system. Therefore, the Nuvoton MCU onboard is just bypassing authentication data; the answer to the challenge is performed in the A7105 and read/written by I2C. This makes exploiting the Nuvoton useless (having the thought a 3rd party developer would likely have more weaknesses in their products than the official DS4 firmwares).

Reference: ... 06e79583d0

In any case, I will not get any further into exploiting this specific chip, Perhaps i will borrow it from 'broken' controller and add it to my own PCB (Just like they did with the CIC chips on clone carts)

Best of all for 2021!
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