General Understanding of GIMX

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General Understanding of GIMX

Post by Adun » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:03 pm


Yesterday i tried to play GT Sport on my new ps4.
Unfortunally my Logitech G27 is not working with ps4.

So i searched the internet and found is great project.
Poorly i have no idea how this works. All i understood is, that GIMX is simulating a ps4 compatible output from a connected PC compatible input device.

Now, how is the teensy board working (in this setup)? Does it some kind of emulate a (in my case G29) device input?
And what is the USB-to-Serial Adapter needed for?

I have some components at home and im not sure if i can build a GIMX adapter with them.
I got a Arduino UNO board, some basic electronic parts and a RasPi. And Ubunutu, Windows PCs.
Can i use my Arduino Uno board as Teensy board? My Arduino uno uses a atmega328p instead of atmega32u4, is that a Problem?
Can I instead use the second chip of my arduino (atmega16u2)


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Re: General Understanding of GIMX

Post by Adun » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:49 pm


I spent the last 3days understanding GIMX (building a adapter)

Please correct me if im saying anything wrong, but from what i understood its like this:
- G27 sends input to PC/RasPi
- Raspi transforms USB input into serial input.
- Raspi sends serial output over gpio uart pins
- Teensy / Arduino reads serial input and transforms it into a USB signal containing the G29 signature and the DS4 acknowledegment.
- Teensy / Arduino sends modified USB output to PS4

Can you help me fully understand?

PS: im currently trying to build a DIY USB adapter with a Arduino Uno and a Banana Pi (M1) i will give info if i have success with this.
I believe i was able to flash the ATmega16u2 usb controller chip the arduino is using as usb-serial-converter.
(The ATmega328p is not in use so far, i believe it cant be used, because its missing integrated USB handling)

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Re: General Understanding of GIMX

Post by Matlo » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:43 am

Your understanding is correct.

To avoid any issue you should look for a board based on the atmega32u4 chip.
And make sure to convert the TX level of the AVR USB board to 3.3V.
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