gimxos (x86, RPi, OrangePi Zero) Flashable Images

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gimxos (x86, RPi, OrangePi Zero) Flashable Images

Post by mkubiak » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:59 am


Update: Orange pi zero image is up on sourceforge

I've recently made a fresh image from scratch for my buddies and I wanted to share it with our community.
The goal was to setup a minimal Graphical interface, without additional bloatware to ease CPU load and reduce image size.
Base image was a CLI Raspbian (without GUI):
Base image used for x86 release is an offical netinstall Debian:

Changelog moved to sourceforge's readme for each version.

Please submit requests and bugs via sourceforge ticket system.

Instalation tutorial: ... -OSX-BSD)/




How to connect using VNC:
VNC provides remote control over host, You can connect to Pi Xserver (Graphical user interface) using this service. Apart form beeing a convenient solution to control GIMX from Your mobile device (Android/iOS) or Laptop (Windows/Linux/macOS) it provides an only way to interact with the headless clients without HDMI out (Orange PI Zero (it's just 6$!) or C.H.I.P (9$) one day these jems will be able to run gimx without DIY adapter since they support USB OTG and they can work in device mode, Matlo works on this feature according to chanelogs and 8.0 milestones in github)
  • Connect your Pi/PC to the network using ethernet cable connection,
  • In VNC viewer set hostname to: GIMX,
  • Login using login: pi and passowrd: raspberry
Setting mouse polling rate (refresh rate)
x86: ... on-ubuntu/

Raspberry PI:
By default this image uses 1000hz, You can change this value with mouse-config added in 1.0 version, run 'sudo mouse-config' in terminal to enter setup.

Have fun.
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Re: Raspbian Stretch GIM 6.9 image

Post by Godlike » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:40 am

Great work mate. Others will surely benefit form this tutorial!

When I will do wiki rework I'll think about adding it there :)
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Re: Raspbian Stretch GIM 6.9 image

Post by mkubiak » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:13 am


Im actually working on something much bigger then this, i'll skip the spoilers for now but im open for ideas and suggestions especially bash related :)

at home i'll extend the tutorial with more images and systems for flashing and connecting with VNC.

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