gimxos (x86, RPi, OrangePi Zero) Flashable Images

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Re: gimxos (x86, RPi, OrangePi Zero) Flashable Images

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It will work but it should be considered as experimental. You will face issues but it's good to go :)
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Re: gimxos (x86, RPi, OrangePi Zero) Flashable Images

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Hi everyone.

Couple of days ago I bought Orange Pi Zero to use it with gimx os. But in last version GIMX OS installed old version of GIMX.

I've tried to upgrade to last version of gimx but have no luck (problems with install new version of dependencies)

So I create my own image for Orange Pi Zero with GIMX, based on latest version of Armbian. ...

This image for >8GB flash drive
Login: root
Pass: orangepi


For Connect via VNC, first you must connect via ssh by command

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ssh root@orangeipadress
then type

Code: Select all


it will run VNC connection on Orange PI

Then you can use VNC Viewer.
For connection use port 5901
Pass: orangepi


Hope it will be useful

There is no problem to create your own image with GIMX on any ARM-based board like Raspberry PI or Orange PI. I can write full instruction how to create it.

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