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How to bind axes & Killzone 2

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:11 pm
by Breakerofthings
I have had much success with Gimx and the TIAO Gboard for the PS3: I have beaten Resistance 1-3, Demon Souls, Haze, Infamous 1, and Killzone 1 (HD) without much hangup.

I have now started playing Killzone 2 and yes the controls are deemed to be unplayable: I find the hesitation that is present with or without the in game high precision on may very well stem from the games cover and lean setup. When close to objects the game wants to cling to that surface so the player then crouches and can perform cover shots giving a somewhat drunken swagger - but by using McKacks config of Killzone 2 at 6000 dpi and further tweaking the deadzone and mouse smoothing, it is playing good enough.

However when using the sniper rifle in scoped mode, the gun/scope wants to constantly pull right - this is because the motion sensor in the game is used to help stabilize the scope. Can I stop this with a Gimx config?

I read in various forum threads that it is possible to bind the axes of the motion sensor to a button but I cannot find a tutorial, thread or video that shows how to setup the configurations. Some threads say the acc z and gyro are not bindable.

I know to start in the axis tab, but do I bind both -/+ to the same button for each axes, no deadzone or sensitivity values appear.

Can I setup a config to neutralize the motion sensor from pulling the scope right, if yes, how do I do that, this is the first game to really test my knowledge of Gimx and its capabilities and I find my knowledge lacking.

Re: How to bind axes & Killzone 2

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:07 pm
by GoDlike

Sadly gyro is not supported :(

Could you please share your Killzone 2 config with us?


Re: How to bind axes & Killzone 2

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:30 pm
by Breakerofthings
Neither of these configurations are perfect - there is a drift/swagger in the game that stems from the left stick controls and the crouch/cover system, included is the high precision and NON High Precision configs - the option is in the control options of Killzone 2. I have found, with it on to be more stable, there is less Aim Down Sight crosshair drift with high precision ON.

High Precision FPS Config:
Hip Fire: DZ -44 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 13.00 Accel 0.40 x/y 1.60 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50
ADS Fire:DZ -44 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 9.00 Accel 1.00 x/y 1.00 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50

No High Precision config:
Hip Fire: DZ -20 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 11.75 Accel 0.40 x/y 1.60 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50
ADS Fire: DZ -20 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 8.75 Accel 1.00 x/y 1.00 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50

Two different mice were used - Logitech G700 @ 5700 dpi (laser) and Steel Series Rival 500 @ 6000 dpi (optical). The Rival was smoother with hip fire and the G700 was smoother in ADS.

The G700 has 5 different dpi settings and had a better time countering the constant right pull while using the rifle scope - the Rival only has 2 dpi settings, but ultimately a 2000 dpi setting was best - anything lower became just like it was at 6000 dpi.

Creating a second profile for the rifle scope and having a drastic reduction in fps config sensitivity and x/y value helped a little. I removed this and use the dpi settings on mouse to gain slightly better control.

I have experienced an event with gimx and killzone 2 no other game has done - while playing, a second profile is created with the right mouse button in the profile trigger section - I understand that this can be disabled through link controls - but there is no profile trigger in profile 1 to begin with. It usually happens after playing awhile and then I notice while crouched (right mouse button) that the sensitivity is drastically higher in hip fire and ADS (not the settings the fps config has set) and under profile 2 there is right mouse button with switch back checked. Its added somehow during gameplay - unchecking link controls and keeping the config open does fix this.

I have beaten Killzone 2 on Veteran twice with these control configs (adjusting up and down as I go) so the game is playable. Currently playing Elite difficulty and the only difference are that the enemies are bullet sponges, the HUD is gone, and no hip fire crosshair.

Using the M4 Revolver can help dial in your mouse settings - the M4 can be hard to aim with its small iron sight, if you can start getting good consecutive head shots with this weapon your on the right path - alternatively the Non scoped sniper rifle with its small red tipped iron sight and the sta 52 with its obnoxious muzzle flash are also good at helping to test mouse configs.

Re: How to bind axes & Killzone 2

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:42 am
by GoDlike
Thanks, could you post it in the Configs section? We will be grateful - viewforum.php?f=9

Re: How to bind axes & Killzone 2

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:39 pm
by Breakerofthings
Your Welcome, there is now a thread in the configs section called: Killzone 2 Configurations and Tips.