Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by ThijsNL »

Iam sorry to say, but a leonardo (or mcu with usb device peripheral is essential!

The way the software works, the LUFA library uses the USB port of the leonardo act as a PS4 controller. The Uno has no dedicated USB hardware in the controller and uses a second off chip dedicated USB to UART chip. Therefore this cannot work.

Kind regards,

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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by mgr »

Just a comment, It seems that the only reasonable way to go is a Leonardo board for this project.
I have purchased the 5V Pro Micro board, and it turns out that I can not connect the USB Host Shield to this board,
as the USB Host Shield requires both 5V and 3.3V power (if I am not mistaken), and Pro Micro only provides 5V.
I think there are some 5V only versions of the USB Host Shield, so that would be a solution.
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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by 7osa »

Good evening everyone !
Thanks @thijsNL @Mysli0210 for the great help and for discovering this method to use gimx only without the need of a laptop or pc.

I just have few question that I need clarification for bcz I just can't get to fathom the idea.

1. I installed the arduino ide then installed LUFA, git, & python as instructed, then changed the settings.h as instructed.
Then what should i do to upload on the arduino leonardo, just compile it? What about the USB Host Shield? No role for it in the compilation process? After I compile on the leonardo alone, just use it alongside the usb host and everything should get going?

2. What is the hr connection diagram now?
I mean i guess now the hub that has the steering wheel and a ps4 controller will be connected to the usb host shield, and then where should i connect the usb host shield with the arduino?
And in the original gimx adaptor i was using the ft232r chip usb to uart, where will i use that too?

3.I have a logitech G27 steering wheel, what is the file that can allow me to change the code that assigns the buttons?

I will really appreciate it if anyone have tried this and can inform us with information regarding my questions.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Arduino only-based adapter (no PC needed)

Post by tiopepe »

Hello everyone,
I am tiopepe from Italy, and this is a first time to me in GIMX forum.

I built a diy pedals using Arduino Joystick Library: ... rJoystick/

My pedals gamepad works fine to windows

Now I would to use to use my diy gamepad (pedals) with ps4.

I noticed the fantastic job by ThijsNL about arduino only-based adapter and and I would like to ask for your help to realize my project

Thaks in advance for the support
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