DPI question

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DPI question

Post by slowdrums »

Hi guys.

GIMX is great and I luv it. The only issue I have is with long distance shoots on PUBG. I need precision. My mouse have 4000 DPI. It's working just fine but in some situations is really hard to aim on specific point..it's like small a stutter. I wondering that maybe buying a better mouse - 12000 DPI for example - could fix this problem permanently. What do you think?

PS: .. maybe it's a stupid question but I'm not sure :D If there is a big difference with wire vs wireless mouse?
Right now I'm using mouse with wire but wireless of course would be better.


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Re: DPI question

Post by GoDlike »

First try to lower the sensitivity in configuration, it may be too high.

Cheap wireless mouses are really bad for gaming, only use a really good wireless or wired.
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Re: DPI question

Post by Matlo »

If you need further help, please start a new topic in the support section, and make sure to attach a log file.
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Re: DPI question

Post by Cybereu »

Could you post a vídeo or describe more when It happens ? Try lower your deadzone.

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