Guard might get nervous, man approaches with his weapon drawn.

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Guard might get nervous, man approaches with his weapon drawn.

Post by dovahkiin1337 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:34 am

Hey there, my name is [[REDACTED]. Nice to meet you. I look forward to using GIMX (eventually, I'm having problems right now that I'll explain later) because I am just getting into PC gaming, but I have 2 problems. One, the two "computers" I have are a HP Pavilion g7 from 2011, and a Raspberry Pi 3B. Not sure which is more powerful. The only Steam games I play are Skyrim, Warframe, and Fallout New Vegas. I also have Fallout 3, but I'm too burnt out on Fallout in general so I had to shelve that one for a while. However, I have been playing on PS3 for 2 years now, and I have over 300 hours into Blops 2, ~200 hours into Battlefield 4, and 3000+ hours into Destiny (I know, it stole my soul). I can't give you an exact number for Destiny because ******* Bungie dropped stats support for last gen consoles, as if that makes a difference in overall performance. Anyhoo, since Destiny 2 isn't coming out on PC till 8 September 2017, I want to relive my glory days on Destiny with a few pals on PS3.

But, like the proverbial Murphy's Law, I have been bedeviled by problems getting GIMX to work (most of them my fault).
First, I watched a highly uneducational video on Youtube (won't name names, he tried) to set up GIMX on Ubuntu.
Then, I tried to boot from USB on my WIndows 10 Pavilion g7, but ******* Microsoft does their best to prevent you from using ANY other OS on a WIndows computer, to the extent that I had to force shutdown to get to BIOS. Are you ******* serious.
I finally booted Ubuntu, only to find that the Youtube video had links that were far out of date.
Then I had to wrestle with a glitchy, uncooperative Software Center, and I finally decided to use gdebi.
Install GIMX 6.5, only to find that my laptop has no bluetooth. My bad.
Order a dongle on Amazon, and decide to use my Pi, which DOES have BT.
Use Pi, download etc. works beautifully... until I press start on the GIMX launcher. Following error message appears.
"Warning; can't open macro directory /home/pi//.gimx//macros/"
Get BT dongle
Try GIMX on Ubuntu
"Warning; can't open macro directory /home/ubuntu//.gimx//macros/"
<Sailoresque Rant ~10 minutes long>

So, in conclusion, after 5 days of roughly 2 hours a day into getting GIMX, I'm practically back at step one. Yes, I have contacted Matlo in regards to this matter, but I didn't see this subforum so my bad. I do love the work the creators put in to something as awesome as GIMX, because I want to pub stomp with a keyboard and mouse while I'm playing on PS3. While I do wish the overall installation/download/use was a little more user friendly, I understand the difficulties of working with many OS and languages to get this whole boondoggle to work. Thus, since it works for 99% of users right out of the VirtualBox, thank you. Hopefully my situation can get resolved and until then, enjoy your game.

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Re: Guard might get nervous, man approaches with his weapon drawn.

Post by Matlo » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:48 am

Welcome :)
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