Hello from Croatia

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Hello from Croatia

Post by Corunir »

Hello everyone,

I found about GIMX a month ago when a colleague of mine was selling his Logitech G25 for next to none price. I use GIMX to emulate G25 as G29 on PS4.

At first I just made a DIY adapter with Teensy2.0 clone and cheap CP2102 bridge, plugged it in on Windows 10 machine and it worked seamlessly.
I immediately tried the RPI version, which also worked great.
I am currently working on plugging Teensy to RPi's built in UART because I want everything in the same box.

After I am done with that, I hope to contribute by making and sharing configurations for some other, less known controllers I have laying around.

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Re: Hello from Croatia

Post by GoDlike »

Hello :)

We're glad our software met your expectations. Thanks from the whole team to you as you also want to contribute, we're spending our time to improve gimx for free so anyone who wants to help is welcome. Let us know if you encounter any problems so we can resolve them together :)

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Re: Hello from Croatia

Post by Matlo »

Welcome :)
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