MW3 Specialist Secret :)

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MW3 Specialist Secret :)

Post by gimxfanboy »

Here is an interesting bit of information for everybody who plays MW3!

When you unlock the Specialist bonus (8 Kills in a Row, or 7 with Hardline)...

You unlock ALL the Weapon Proficiencies, which include kick, speed, range, stability etc.

However, when you are a SMG user, you also unlock rapid fire!

What is so cool about that? Well, you could technically have 3 attachments, just slap on a Red Dot Sight, Silencer and when you get the Specialist have all 3 attachments! :)

I run with, MP7 Extended Mags + Silencer...Sleight of Hand, Assassin, Dead Silence.

2: Stalker 4: Extreme Conditioning 6: Scavenger.

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Re: MW3 Specialist Secret :)

Post by cldfusion »

Cool, I didn't know you get all proficiency:)
I've just started to use specialist, in kill confirmed it helps you rack up so many points & kills!

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Re: MW3 Specialist Secret :)

Post by forty »

i never use red sights
unless i want to use the m4 or G36
those guns have very obstructive views when used without red sights
i can handle acr pretty well without the red sights
gives me an advantage cuz i can use extended mags and impact or Focus proficiency :D

mp7 is beast gun honestly it doesnt really need red sights
it has really nice stock sights so i just use extended mags and focus proficiency

i have and will sometimes use the g36 i feel like it has more stopping power than the m4
it shoots much slower than most assault rifles so it compensates with more damage
although the m14 is deadly. just takes a couple shots and your down. the sights are a bit obstructive for it though

i have used ak alot, i find that the ak works really well without the red sights because the recoil makes it harder to aim with red sights
the stock is decent anyway

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