Event-based controller/console report

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Event-based controller/console report

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I know that when "--refresh 5" and "--force-updates" are used together, gimx simply sends commands to console with a polling period of 5ms. If i understood correctly, when "--force-updates" is not enabled, gimx stills works with a polling period of 5ms, but only sends commands/report to console if there was a user input (ex: mouse moved) since last gimx's poll.
I am using ds4 controller, so lets assume that 5ms is the minimum acceptable period between reports. Now lets assume that i sent a command to gimx and it has been 7ms since last gimx report. The next gimx poll will occur in 3ms. Instead of waiting 3ms for the next gimx poll so that report can be sent, i want that report to be sent right now.
Does exists a way to do this or its is impossible (or very hard) due to limitation of ps4/ds4/hardware?
If so, does gimx already provides this function?
If not yet implemented, i am available for trying to implement it.

If you are curious to know why i want this, i'm challenging myself to implement an aimbot for a specific game in ps4. Every millisecond counts.
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Re: Event-based controller/console report

Post by Matlo »

This is not possible: interrupt transfers are periodic, and the period is host-driven.
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