EMUPS4 + LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29.xml

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EMUPS4 + LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29.xml

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Now Teensy 2.0 stitched EMUPS4. Can EMUPS4 (atmega32u4.hex) add (register) LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29.xml? To choose between Dualshock 4 and Logitech Driving Force GT_G 29 in game launcher? That all worked like EMUG29PS4 and worked the feedback
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Re: EMUPS4 + LogitechDrivingForceGT_G29.xml

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No. EMUPS4 emulates Dualshock 4 and EMUG29PS4 emulates G29.
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