GIMX over Bluetooth for PS4

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GIMX over Bluetooth for PS4

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Hi all,

I found this tutorial while trying to find a way to use my wired USB mouse and keyboard to connect to my PS4 without having to unplug them from my PC.

I'm wondering if this is still possible. I notice this was done on Linux but when I download GIMX on Windows the output options don't include Bluetooth/PS4. I grabbed version 3.5 and it also doesn't have what I need. So I have a few questions:
Will this still work?
Will this work in Windows?
and if not, what's the lowest resource option to have this work the same way?

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Re: GIMX over Bluetooth for PS4

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No, gimx over bluetooth only works on linux..
over bluetooth: works with GNU/Linux (PS3, PS4) only. A compatible bluetooth dongle is required. A USB development board such as a Teensy 2.00 is required for pairing the bluetooth dongle with the PS4.
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Re: GIMX over Bluetooth for PS4

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This is just an idea, you can use a live Linux distribution that has persistence so your settings are saved. Then you can just boot from it on your current hardware.

The other option would be to use a Raspberry Pi setup
Please Remember to Post your Log file in the support section , that way its easier and faster to start identifying the issue thus helping you to sort it out so you can enjoy GIMX :D .

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