Need help installing onto PC

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Re: Need help installing onto PC

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angeltheartist68 wrote:
Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:15 am
0i8u2 wrote:
Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:46 am
Hey, I just set my osw up. Only problem I had I was using the newest Logitech software as I also use this setup on PS4 which needs the g29 driver. As soon as I installed the older g27 driver it worked.
I’m using OSW with mmos, Fanatec universal hub with a teensy lc USB conversion, Fanatec sq shifter and HE ultimate pedals.
I set it to Logitech g27 in game (forza7) but when I adjusted the dead zones it went to custom controller.
Can confirm it works well in forza 7 with full ffb.

Many thanks to gimx awesome adaptor, I bought one from gimx shop for pc and made one for PS4 so I don’t have to keep changing firmware.


Can you please tell me how you set it up on pc to play Forza 7 , do yoi turn on Mmos, i just need some help . im about to pull my hair. Thank you .
I’ve just read through your settings and they look pretty much the same as mine.
As soon as I open gimx loader and click the start option Logitech g27 comes up in the Logitech profiler.
I do have mmos installed but I don’t have to have it opened. My wheel shows as mmos in the gimx config when I assign the wheel to the wheel axis. As I said the only problem I had at the start was using the newest Logitech drivers. As soon as I install the older g27 profiler it worked.
I have done pretty much what you have done, I selected ps3 g27 then saved as renamed it so I had a new xml file to work with.
I then assigned all the axis’s and buttons saved them, then installed the older Logitech software, ran the gimx program and it all worked. Your wheel should show up as a g27 in the controller tab and should be working in the Logitech profiler on the test page.
Just to check you do have both ends of the gimx plugged into the pc right ? So the gimx adaptor is using two USB slots. I’m sure you do just making sure. Also have you installed all the drivers in the gimx tools folder ?
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Re: Need help installing onto PC

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Hi, did you ever get it working? Thanks for
posting all of this here as I also am having trouble finding tutorials for using gimx on pc games (most info is for console games).

Question: When using gimx on PC do you just plug both USB ends of gimx adapter into 2 USB ports on pc? How about all of my USB devices (wheel, pedals, shifter, handbrake)... I have 4 separate USB devices plugged into 4 separate USB ports... is that a compatible way to plug everything up assuming you have enough USB ports which I do? I was not planning to use any USB hubs.

I'm planning to buy a gimx adapter from gimx shop. Planning to use it to play games only on the PC for games that don't recognize my peripherals, starting with WRC7 on the PC.

Hoping to use gimx with a G27 firmware and g27 Logitech drivers on Windows 7 64 bit OS, to use my Fanatec Clubsport wheel, fanatec sequential shifter, HE Pro Pedals, and HE Handbrake on WRC 7. PC WRC 7 does recognize HE (Heusinkveld engineering) brand pedals and handbrake, hoping to use gimx to solve this. I was going to bind my analog HE handbrake axis to the g27 gimx clutch axis, and then in game bind the g27 clutch axis to the game handbrake (since I don't think g27 has a spare 4th axis than can be used for handbrake). This way I should get everything working including handbrake analog axis, but I will have to give up my analog clutch... however I can at least bind my analog clutch to one of the g27 buttons I think so I can still use my clutch pedal seen as a button in game.

Should this setup work fine with GIMX for PC games that support G27? Did I misunderstand anything? Sharing here as I know others are also needing gimx even on pc games for similar needs.
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Re: Need help installing onto PC

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Some people use a second computer, but it should work fine with a single one, and with all USB plugs (both ends of the adapter, and all your devices) connected to this computer.

GIMX can assemble all your devices into a single emulated G27 wheel.
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