GIMX is a revolution in my console gaming!

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GIMX is a revolution in my console gaming!

Post by GoDlike »


Until I discovered this beautiful software I was very skeptical about playing FPS games on console. I was a hardcore PC gamer playing only on the computer. As I bought both systems X360/PS3 I really wanted to try exclusive FPS games (Killzone/Halo) but I wasn't getting fun from them because of the way you aim with the controller. I felt like a disabled person while aiming. I saw some devices on the internet that allows connecting mouse to console but their price were horrendous.

So I kept searching and I found GIMX.

I wanted to test it before buying the device so I booted linux from USB, installed some dependencies and ran software. First game I tried was Killzone HD, config for it wasnt available so I downloaded Killzone 3 config and modified it. I was playing on easy level due to problems with aiming using the controller. My experience from the game changed completely. I massacred helghan soldiers with ease. I had to change difficulty level to Hard. I decided to use it on the cable for two reasons. I own X360 too and on Linux, sound is not coming to my speakers through HDMI-IN.

With very low cost (about 20$) I built the DIY device and flashed firmware (some cheap atmega32u4 clone + UART). In 30 minutes I got working device with possibility to add and modify config for each game I play. That's awesome.

That was long ago, now I completed most exclusive games on the console and for FPS games I was always using GIMX. That way I got most fun from the games. For some games mouse input works better, for some it works worse but it's always better than on a controller unless the game has broken input mechanics. Im taking my consoles with me as I can connect them directly to my laptop display through HDMI-IN so it's a pretty portable solution, of course there's also GIMX device in my bag. I also like to enter FPS multiplayer games from time to time and pwn guys using pads while I have GIMX but ssshh ;)

I uploaded some configs for You and I will surely upload more in future. As im a Moderator now I will also help Matlo in maintaining forum, wiki and help You with your issues. We also have plans for a little reorganization in future. I hope You will like it!

Thanks for the GIMX Matlo!

BTW: I uploaded my KillzoneHD config so you can try it yourself :)
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Re: GIMX is a revolution in my console gaming!

Post by Matlo »

It's great to have people like you sharing configs :)
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Re: GIMX is a revolution in my console gaming!

Post by kaiba_seto2004 »

I have used your config files, they're good. Keep great work and support GIMX ;)
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