Killzone 2 Configurations and Tips

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Killzone 2 Configurations and Tips

Post by Breakerofthings » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:36 pm

Neither of these configurations are perfect - there is a drift/swagger in the game that stems from the left stick controls and the crouch/cover system, included is the high precision and NON High Precision configs - the option is in the control options of Killzone 2. I have found, with it on to be more stable, there is less Aim Down Sight crosshair drift with high precision ON.

High Precision FPS Config:
Hip Fire: DZ -44 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 13.00 Accel 0.40 x/y 1.60 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50
ADS Fire:DZ -44 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 9.00 Accel 1.00 x/y 1.00 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50

No High Precision config:
Hip Fire: DZ -20 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 11.75 Accel 0.40 x/y 1.60 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50
ADS Fire: DZ -20 Shape- Circle Sensitivity - 8.75 Accel 1.00 x/y 1.00 Smoothing 4 Smoothing box 2 0.50

The scoped sniper rifle has a hard and constant pull to the right due to the motion sensing controls being used to stabilize the scope. Two methods alleviated but did not completely remove the constant right pull.

Two different mice were used - Logitech G700 @ 5700 dpi (laser) and Steel Series Rival 500 @ 6000 dpi (optical). The Rival was smoother with hip fire and the G700 was smoother in ADS.

The G700 has 5 different dpi settings and had a better time countering the constant right pull while using the rifle scope - the Rival only has 2 dpi settings, but ultimately a 2000 dpi setting was best to minimize the scope pull - anything lower became just like it was at 5700/6000 dpi.

Creating a second profile for the rifle scope and having a drastic reduction in fps config sensitivity and x/y value helped a little. I bound the Z button to second profile and created lower ADS values to contradict the pull right - this helped slightly, about as much as turning down the dpi. After all the testing with the rifle... I seldom use the sniper rifle, the M4 revolver, sta 52, and non scope rifle can snipe just as well as the scoped rifle. Especially the M4 revolver - place the white iron sight in the orange area of a helghast face, raise slightly to compensate for distance and BOOOM HS!

There is an event with gimx and killzone 2 no other game has done - while playing, a second profile is created with the right mouse button in the profile trigger section - I understand that this can be disabled through link controls - but there is no profile trigger in profile 1 to begin with. It usually happens after playing awhile and then I notice while crouched (right mouse button) that the sensitivity is drastically higher in hip fire and ADS (not the settings the fps config has set) and under profile 2 there is right mouse button with switch back checked. Its added somehow during gameplay - unchecking link controls under the advanced tab in the config options and keeping the config open during gameplay does fix this.

Consistently use the same weapon to sight in: I used the M4 revolver - with its small white tipped iron sight it can be hard to get head shots with initially, but once your landing head shots with this gun, its a good indicator your mouse and config settings are on the right path. A few times in the game there are places where its you and friendly npc's, use these areas to hone configs better - its not about shooting the targets but being able to smoothly transition between targets with good crosshair placement.

I have beaten Killzone 2 on Veteran twice and once on Elite with these control configs (adjusting up and down as I go) so the game is playable. The main difference between Veteran and Elite difficulty and is the enemies are bullet sponges, the HUD is gone, and no hip fire crosshair. The final 4 wave boss fight with Radec is also the best and hardest part of the game - congratulations should you succeed on elite.

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Re: Killzone 2 Configurations and Tips

Post by GoDlike » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:41 pm

Thanks for tips but according to the rules of this section the post needs to be formatted properly and include full config data so we can upload it to the config repository - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2311

Right now it needs a lot of work to use the config cause we need to create one from scratch following your tips.

Any additional tips can be added to the "Notes" part of the configuration layout in the link I sent you.

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