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Remote Play

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I tried Google and the forum search for this, so I hope this isn't a stupid question.

I want to play my Xbox 360 remotely, so I hooked up Elgato Cam for the video, and now I have the GIMX cable hooked up and it works great. But if I try to use Steam to remote into my PC via a GPDWin, the Xbox controller isn't recognized on my host computer. I did see an option for Network input on the GIMX Launcher, but I didn't see a Wiki article on how to use this feature. So here's what I tried with that:

Started GIMX Launcher on my host computer with Input as Network (IP Address of Client) and Output as GIMX cable. On my GPDWin (client) I tried input Hardware and Output IP Address of host computer. But I get an error on both computers. So idk what the method is, or if one exists to remote into my computer that's hooked up to the GIMX cable.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

UPDATE: I found that if you use or localhost as your IP address this won't work. It has to be your local network assigned IP like 192.168.*.*, etc. for it to work.
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