Auto Sprint Macro

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Auto Sprint Macro

Post by YellowBull »

GIMX Team,

I am having a hard time getting my simple macro to work. I searched the forums and didn't find my answer. I tried mapping one key to multiple buttons, but I couldn't get it to work so I decided to try a macro. If this "auto-sprint" works without a macro, please let me know.

I want to press "e" on my keyboard and send two actions as a joystick (XInput Controller). First event is to walk forward (JAXIS lstick up) on the left stick and the second event is to push the a button to initiate sprint (JBUTTONDOWN 0).

JAXIS lstick up

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Thank you.

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Re: Auto Sprint Macro

Post by Cybereu »

You can assign more the one key to one button and vice versa on Gimx-config.
Your macro seems to have syntax error

Code: Select all

JAXIS <ID> <value>
<ID> as displayed in gimx-config
<value> is something between -32768 and 32767

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