Help with the creation of a macro for warframe.

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Help with the creation of a macro for warframe.

Post by Abslt_strw » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:13 pm

Hello everyone. So... I was finishing my configs for warframe then I realized I could improve it if insert a macro. But I dont know how to do it. :lol: So maybe someone here could guide me a bit.

In warframe when you want to pop an ability you press the (RB) and then you activate it. But you can also activate quicky any of the 4 abilities by keeping pressed the (RB + any of the 4 buttons A, X, B, Y) But that not all. There´re some abilities where you have to keep pressing the 2 buttons (like charging the ability).

Right now I have Mouse 4 button as (RB) and I navigate through the ability menu with the mouse wheel. And no problem with the abilities who only require a single tap to activate. But the ones who need to charge I mapped 1-4 buttons and pressed them as I hold the (RB) button.

So, after explaining how it works and stuff. What I wanna make. Is map a macro to the 1-4 buttons simulating the pressing of the (RB+ any of A,X,B,Y). To quick lauch the ability and also by long presing any of this buttons "charge" the skills.

I´ve red the macro section of the wiki already but I cant figure out how it shoud go. Thanks a lot if you nade it so far!

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Re: Help with the creation of a macro for warframe.

Post by Matlo » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:25 pm

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If my understanding of what you want to achieve is correct, it's easy.

Start gimx-launcher, click on "File>Open macro directory", create a text file containing:

Code: Select all

Edit your config file, bind key p to RB, and key l to A. Remove binding for key 1. Save.

Start GIMX, press key 1: it will press RB and A during 50ms. You may need to adjust the delay.
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