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GIMX 7.6

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:27 pm
by Matlo
Bug fix:
  • Rumble not working.
    This was a regression introduced in GIMX 6.0.
  • Xbox controller name mismatch on Windows.
    This was a regression introduced in GIMX 7.1, probably due to a libSDL2 update.
    This requires updating Xbox 360/One controller mappings in the config files.
    New controller name is "XInput Controller".
  • Controller does not rumble when using the EMUPS3 firmware.
  • EMUPS3 firmware is broken.
    There was a hard-coded work-around that has been removed.
    Firmware update is required.
Fixed issues.

Software download.
Firmware download.

Please report issues here: link.

Known issues