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Use Wii Nunchuck as Motion-Controller

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 3:47 pm
by Nokiator0815
i like the possibility to use a mouse for precise aiming in PS4 games, but i don’t like to play games with the keybord (Here is my GIMX-Setup
So i built my Motion-Controller from a Wii Nunchuck. Now I want to share my idea with you.


The Components:
1) Nintendo Wii Nunchuck or Clone
- analog Joystick
- 2 buttons
- 3-axis accelerometer
2) SNES Classic Controller/Nunchuck Extension Cable
- used only the socket side
3) ATmega32u4-Board (Pro Micro 5V 16MHz)
- since the nunchuck works with 3V, a I2C level converter with integrated dc-dc-converter was used
- a piece of software to convert the I2C data to USB-HID
4) micro USB cable

In this setup the Wii Nunchuck works like a normal Joystick with Windows and Linux (no special drivers necessary).


There are 2 axes from the Joystick and 2 axes from the accelerometer (pitch and roll). Also there are 2 physical buttons and 6 „buttons“ generated from the accelerometer (swing the nunchuck in 6 directions).
It's really fun and a more dynamic gameplay, for example, to push the fist with the Nunchuck to the front to do a glory kill in doom, or swing the nunchuck up or down to jump or crouch. The roll-axis can be used for steering, or pitch and roll for flying. There are many possibilities.


Re: Use Wii Nunchuck as Motion-Controller

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 7:47 am
by GoDlike

Thanks for the tutorial! We're always happy when someone uses gimx successfully and we love when you find a new ways to play!

This post contains a lot of useful info so I will move it to the Tutorials section if you don't mind :)