Exposing DS4 BT Audio device

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Exposing DS4 BT Audio device

Post by Zer0xFF » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:55 pm

Hi, with the release of the new PS3 exploit I've finally joined the ranks of PS3 CFW and one of the 1st things I decided to do was a small mod to force audio to be pushed to USB/Audio device, which happens to work with the new DS4 v2 via usb, but it seems that DS4 v1 doesn't seem to do so.

so I've been reading about your work (@Matlo) and more specifically relating to DS4.
The DS4 has two modes, one where you can pair it with a computer (hold PS and share at the same time until the light blinks twice in quick succession rapidly), and another mode when it is used with a PS4.
In the PS4 mode, it appears to advertise as two devices, one is a game controller and the other is an audio device. The game controller has a class 0x002508, and the audio device is class 0x200404. Neither has a name.
I'd like to know if you've been able to pair DS4 to PC via BT using PS4 mode and at which case were you able to pass audio through BT? since that will enable more streamline PS4-like experience on PS3 and would also allow those without a DS4 v1 to enjoy it as well.

I've found this http://dancingpixelstudios.com/sixaxisc ... /sixpair.c which does allow me to change the pairing address on DS4, but when it tried to connect my Mac, it's still only displays as Controller... but I've made an interesting (?) observation, when using sixpair and attempting it to connect to my android phone, it seems to request contact access (but not when I use PS + Share method)

also, I've modified the Link Key in that source to match the one I've already connected the controller to on my Mac earlier (to avoid adding it manually), but it refuses to connect.

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