GIMX on Parallels / MacOSX

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GIMX on Parallels / MacOSX

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I want to warn you that Matlo doesn't make any support on Virtual Machines, so if you have issues, you are on your own.
The goal of that tutorial is to help you to get your first step on it, only if you really don't want be on native linux partition on your mac...

:arrow: Pre-required :
- MacOSX
- Parallels Desktop 7.0.15054 (I think it can work with older version)
- 4 Go of free space
- At least 4k of RAM
- A working dongle (I'm using the Cubix dongle V2.1 + EDR)
- Your lovely mice :) (I'm using a G9x)
- A trackpad or a second mice (I have both... a magic mouse and a macbook pro trackpad but from my experience avoid bluetooth one... ;-))
- Lubuntu 32 bits (you can download it there : ... p-i386.iso)

:arrow: Tutorial :

:arrow: Advices :
- I advice you to never start Mac OSX with a bluetooth dongle ! Plug it only when your VM is started or starting… If you don't listen me.. prepare yourself to see some kernel panic… (Yeah.. Mac OSX is crappy :-D)
- If you don't connect your mice to the VM, you will have shutter on your move when you are playing.
- If you haven't a second mice or a trackpad, your only mouse will be stuck inside your VM :-)
- VirtualBox is less effective than parallels because you can't inject your mice inside the VM, and sometimes refuse to connect your dongle to the VM.
- I'm pretty sure that VMWare can work, but got some latency with my dongle… and parallels from my point of view, is the best virtualization tool on Mac OSX.
- If when you connect the PS3 controller the PS3 address is something like 60:C5:XX:XX:XX:XX it's meaning your controller is trying to pairing with your mac... You need to take an usb cable, plug your controller to the PS3, when you have control on the PS3, plug the controller back to your laptop, restart Gimx-bluetooth and you will find an address like F0:F0:XX:XX:XX:XX. After that, you are good to go :)
- Don't put your bluetooth dongle on a HUB, put it on a dedicate usb port.