No adapter detected - PS4 - Teensy 2.0 - Keyboard and mouse

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No adapter detected - PS4 - Teensy 2.0 - Keyboard and mouse

Post by tatorumble » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:46 pm

So I recently got interested into setting up an adapter for my PS4 so I could connect my mouse and keyboard.
I've tried making this twice, the first time i tried connecting my Teensy 2.0 to the pins on my serial port that I had on the computer and I didn't realize it would have fried it so I decided to try again and buy the serial adapter and the Teensy(again, thought these both that I bought were without pins).
When it came in I set it up with the serial adapter correctly and I used some extra wires that I had( I didn't solder it in yet) and connected it all up, set up the config files and worked perfectly. Eventually I had to solder the wires to the pins so nothing wouldn't move.
So I soldered it brought it back up to the computer, plugged it in and it outputted :

"../common/windows/async.c:344 async_read_timeout: ReadFile failed: timeout expired.
can't read packet header "

It wrote this more than a few times. The first thing I did was check the cables if they were all correctly placed and everything was ok so I tried again and it outputted the same thing. I went onto the gimx forums to see if this had happened to other people and some people had soldering issues so I took out my multimeter tried out everything unsoldered and resoldered the pins to their correct spots, plugged it back in and had the same issue. You can trust me that the pins are all
correctly placed.

I'm still able to program the teensy so I believe it's not fried. Thought I'm thinking that the pins that go to the RXD and TXD are aren't working anymore and I have no way of knowing and I'm not 100% sure. (I did use a multimeter to check if the connections are still working from the atmega32u4 to the the pins TXD and RXD and it's telling me it's all good)

If anyone could possibly help out that would be great.

link to the teensy I bought: ... teensy+2.0

Pics for system info and errors:

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Re: No adapter detected - PS4 - Teensy 2.0 - Keyboard and mouse

Post by Matlo » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:40 am


Your post misses a log file as per the support section rules. And also a picture showing the wiring.

Did you load a firmware? Which one?
Did you connect the Teensy to the PS4 and did you turn the PS4 on?
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Re: No adapter detected - PS4 - Teensy 2.0 - Keyboard and mouse

Post by ChesLans » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:32 pm my case Logitech Driving force pro and drive club is epic. Going to try with psvr tomorrow. Can't wait for GT. Can't believe how well it works, well worth the effort and and a small donation to Mathieu Laurendeau for the amazing work he has done on gimx. I reckon with a little fettling I could put the pi and teensy and usb for ds4 inside wheel housing.

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