Mouse calibration problem

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Mouse calibration problem

Post by pasn0w43 »

Hello, thanks for reading. I am having a problem while playing BF 5. The deadzone and sensitivity are all to my liking, the only problem I am having is when I turn the mouse to the right in game, it will go right but also downwards. when I turn the mouse to the left, it goes left but also up. I was calibrating my mouse a the cross hair on the calibrator doesn't seem to be very smooth, and I can't get it to go in a clean circle like it says it should.

I am using a razer naga chroma with 16000 dpi, connecting to a ps4 with a DS4 controller, and this is really the only problem I've had so far.

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Re: Mouse calibration problem

Post by kaiba_seto2004 »

Maybe your mouse DPI is too high, try decrease it to 4000 or lower but not lower than 2500.
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Re: Mouse calibration problem

Post by Matlo »

Mouse DPI should always be set the the highest value to get the best possible translation.

Please post a log file as requested in forum rules: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=691
And make sure to reproduce the issue while generating the log file.
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