UsbDK related Bluescreens

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UsbDK related Bluescreens

Post by Dan_Suzuki »

Hey guys,

I'm trying to get the GIMX adapter running for quite some time now.

The moment I press on start I get a bluescreen with some "KMODE_EXCEPTION ...." . I checked the memory dump and saw it is related to the usbdk.
I tried to downgrade the usbdk, tried 1.0.21, 1.0.19 and 1.0.15 and also GIMX 7.15, 7.14 and 6.8 in several combinations without any success.

PS4 controller is detected as a PS4 controller. I'm running the latest build of windows 10, all updates are done. I'm kinda running out of ideas - anyone has a suggestion what I could try?


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Re: UsbDK related Bluescreens

Post by Matlo »

Thanks for reporting.

Please report this issue in the usbdk issue tracker:
Make sure to add all relevant details such as the usbdk version, your Windows version, and a photo of the bluescreen.
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