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GIMX keeps getting better

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:58 pm
by Spronk
Thanks to Matlo for recently helping me to upgrade from GIMX 5.7 to the latest version of GIMX (6.3). I use GIMX to allow my Logitech Momo Force Red wheel to emulate a G29 in Project Cars on the PS4.

The first improvement I noticed was the effectiveness of the authentication process. With GIMX 5.7, I often had to launch it a second time at the outset before my wheel would be recognised as a controller on the PS4. The connection was also interrupted from time to time in the course of play, requiring GIMX to be restarted. With the latest version the connection is made first time every time and there have been no interruptions to play at all.

The second improvement is a more subtle and detailed level of force feedback in Project Cars. The wheel only appears "powered" once Project Cars has started, unlike before. I guess this is because the G29 emulation is now more complete. allowing Project Cars to properly control the wheel's force feedback effects.

So in summary, the latest version of GIMX is now completely painless for me to use, and provides me with a much richer and more authentic driving experience using my old but much loved wheel and pedals. :D