[Configuration] Halo 5 Xbox One

Post or request custom configuration files.
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[Configuration] Halo 5 Xbox One

Post by sephirotdnf »

Logitech K800
A4Tech Bloody R8 DPI 3600
Raspbian Jessie with Mouse pollong 2 or 4 (both 250 and 500mhz work OK)
Fully wireless.


Perfectly smooth config for Halo 5.
Plays ideally for me.

Don't forget to change keys and DPI/sensitivity for your ease.
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Re: [Configuration] Halo 5 Xbox One

Post by KungFuJedis »

Thanks for this. I'm new to GIMX, and adapted your config. Question for you. The aiming feels real good, but turning more than....45 degrees is real slow. Any suggestions to make that easier?
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Re: [Configuration] Halo 5 Xbox One

Post by Matlo »

First convert the mouse sensitivity: http://gimx.fr/wiki/index.php?title=Qui ... conversion
And then change the sensitivity using the calibration mode: http://gimx.fr/wiki/index.php?title=Mouse_Calibration
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