[Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

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Re: [Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

Post by Matlo »

GIMX has limitations on GNU/Linux targets regarding FFB support.

Make sure to check this guide: https://gimx.fr/wiki/index.php?title=Gu ... eringWheel
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Re: [Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

Post by maddoglee »

I got GIMX working on a Pi Zero

Hi All,

I managed to get a G27 working on a PS4 using a Pi Zero (non-wireless) and the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS
I used the following on a 32GB card.
Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) with desktop
Image with desktop based on Debian Buster
Version: August 2020
Release date:2020-08-20
Kernel version:5.4

I largely followed this tutorial with a couple of changes.

1. insert the line 'dtoverlay=disable-bt' instead of 'dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt' in /boot/config.txt
2. sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i gimx.deb (I had to use this because I was getting an error that would clash with some Bluetooth package (can't remember the name now)

I used a microUSB hub to allow me to simultaneously connect the G27, DS4 and Wifi dongle.
I had wifi connected the whole time I was setting it up so make sure you have an internet connection if you're using the non-wireless version.
I set up my static IP in pihole, so I skipped that part.
All the hardware connections are the same as in the tutorial.
I used a teensy2.0 board that I bought from eBay.
I got it working on PC first! just to make sure I didn't have any problems with the Teensy hardware.

Things I had trouble with:
wget http://gimx.fr/download/gimx-raspbian -O gimx.deb - I had problems with my dns setup not finding gimx.fr (this was my fault, as I installed pihole as well. Make sure you can ping gimx.fr!
Before you set up gimx to load as a service try this command in a terminal
/usr/bin/gimx -p /dev/ttyAMA0 -c LogitechG27_G29.xml --nograb
You'll see if there are any errors that are causing it to not work properly.
you can use this to disable the service
sudo systemctl disable gimx
and use 'enable' to enable it again.

I think that is about it, I figured I should at least add this to the wiki in case anyone wants to make a small dongle with a Pi Zero
I know I'm very late to the game, but thanks for the tutorial and of course thanks to Matlo for this nifty software!
It's still being used 4 years later!


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Re: [Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

Post by isamu »

So far so good with GIMX and GT7 on PS4. I'd like to know what settings you guys are using for your pedals in GIMX for GT7? I'm finding that my throttle input is a bit too sensitive and peak input is reached before pressing the gas pedal all the way down. I need to de-saturate the input by just a little. Any suggestions?
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Re: [Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

Post by Useus »

---> solved
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Re: [Tutorial] Logitech G27 (and other wheels) on PS4 using Pi

Post by Aus »

Thank you for the information.
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