Hi! From Italy

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Hi! From Italy

Post by Clodo »

Hi to all, i just come here, a C# developer and simracing lover.

I'm trying to understand if this project can help me about a project i want to made for FUN.

I'm trying to play AAA simracing PC game in VR with a real Tesla model3.

Basically, i fetch steering wheel (degree) & pedal position (%) with OBD/CANBus hardware on Tesla, that send (over bluetooth) data to a C# program i write. My C# program use ViGEmBus to emulate gamepad for the game.
I reach my goal (Prototype video here: https://www.clodo.it/files/projects/tes ... slavr1.mp4 ), but almost unplayable,
i'm looking how to perform an EXACT wheel position emulation, so i'm trying to understand if i can replace ViGEmBus with GIMX.
Still looking the right subforum where to talk about this.

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Re: Hi! From Italy

Post by GoDlike »

Hello :)
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Re: Hi! From Italy

Post by ckaiycool »

Hello :D
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Re: Hi! From Italy

Post by GeekyDeaks »

That is brilliant! Love it :D

Without full details of your setup it's tricky to say if the GIMX will help (I think it might work, but not necessarily be ideal), but looking at what ViGEmBus does, I think you would actually be better looking at exposing it as a generic joystick axis (same as a wheel does). ViGEmBus seems to be going to great lengths to emulate the controller fully, which means the game might be detecting it as one and trying to do the 'right thing' and make it easier to drive with a controller by messing with the inputs. I'd just try to cut out the middle man so you have full control over the values sent to the game.

e.g. https://github.com/bobhelander/vJoy.Wrapper

Otherwise, download GIMX and see if you can 'sensibly' map the emulated joystick axis from ViGEmBus to the axis on the G27 firmware
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