Will GIMX work on PS5?

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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by cottag3ch33s3 »

hi there, i'm new here... checked the thread but have not found anything about it... still, sorry if i overlooked sth:

besides racing i play fighting games and there we have similar issues when using ps4 arcade sticks regarding ps5 compatability.

for example i play on a hori fighting edge stick. sony confirmed officially ps4 licensed sticks will still work with ps5 games on ps5. i tested this out myself with guilty gear strive (released 11.06.21) and king of fighters 15 (released 14.02.2022). both work flawlessly.

also there is a manufacturer called brooks who made a universal pcb for a variety of consoles (ps5 not included at first). they also made an addon to their pcb which does enable ps5 support https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/12408031/ .

i'm sure getting a wheel / ffb to work is harder than a stick and i don't know if you are already aware of this or if it could in any way help with the issues you are facing as well.
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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by MrGit »

Having issues with my hori not being detected, already posted in support but for people who've got things running is there a step I'm missing with the sequence of things being connected ect?

Will I need an original ds4 instead? Eager to get my simucube 2 pro / sprints working, so would especially love to hear from anyone with that combo successfully working.


Turns out once I got a DS4 and connected that to the pc with the hori in the drivehub everything works as it should, I've now configured the controls and it's been just fine. :)
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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by SajoR »

Hello. Any update about using racing wheel on PS5 using Gimx? With GT7 released I am sharing the supported wheels
I owned an old Logitech wheel EX, and it would be great to use this on my PS5
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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by GoDlike »

AFAIK currently there is a way to get gimx working with GT7, you need drivehub and it's not officially supported but people are saying it's working - viewtopic.php?t=3982
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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by SHINJIchannel »

Although it is Japanese, it summarizes how to use Simucube 2 on PS5 using GIMX and DriveHub.
I hope it will be helpful in automatic translation.

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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by Zero7159 »

OK, the Japanese guide gives me what I need, now I understand why I will need the Hori controller AND Drivehub.
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Re: Will GIMX work on PS5?

Post by fpneves »

Hi there,

Some time has passed and it seems there is no progress on this topic.
Sorry to ask again, but why GIMX developpers don't implement GIMX + Hori support now, while we wait for a better solution.
If drivehub + hori is possible, it should be possible GIMX + hori , I think.

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