Gimx with Besavior

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Gimx with Besavior

Post by Aaliyahking »

I’m trying to get Gimx to work w Besavior but I’m having no luck. The PS5 recognizes Gimx as a PS4 controller and Gimx recognizes that there is a pass through device when it loads. I’m physically disabled and cannot use normal controllers hence my dilemma. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Gimx with Besavior

Post by Cybereu »

The PS5 will recognize GIMX as a PS4 controller, limiting its functionality to PS4 games unless you implement something as beloader do, which is Remote Play. The setup would will Remote Play (or Chiaki) + GIMX (both ends on PC) + Your input (Besavior), which might get a bit messy.
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