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GIMX 0.40

Post by Matlo »

I decided to increase the release number by 0.1 (and not 0.01) because there are many changes in this version.

Expect a few bugs!
In case of critical issues, just downgrade to version 0.30 or 0.25.
Please report issues through the googlecode page: link.

  • I had no time to work on the latency issue that was reported for Ubuntu 12.04 (stick to Ubuntu 11.10 to use GIMX+bluetooth)
  • the 360 support with the diy usb adapter is still considered as experimental
Known issues

Fixed issues.


  • issue 157: each control binding can have a label
  • The idea is to make it easier to use a configuration produced by someone else. In gimx-config, these labels appear in additional columns. In gimx-fpsconfig, these labels appear at the end of the tooltip. Tooltip example: "w [Move Forward]". "w" is the key name, "Move Forward" is the label.
  • issue 161: config file management improvements
  • No more config files are provided in the installers (so as not to overwrite user's configs). If the config files to download are present, the config file downloader asks the user if they should be overwritten. At startup (gimx-serial/gimx-bluetooth), if no config files are detected, the user is asked if the config file downloader should be launched.
  • issue 162: LSHIFT+ESC key combination to stop emuclient
  • This will allow to use the ESC key as a control.
  • issue 164: source code factorization
  • This is not a feature in itself. This makes the source code easier to maintain.
  • issue 168: auto-bind controls
  • Build a reference config and GIMX will be able to bind your downloaded configs based on control labels. This obviously only works if the config to modify has non empty labels. This binding is case insentitive: "Jump" and "jump" are the same. Use a coma to define several items in a label: the string "Reload, Interact" is taken as both "Reload" and "Interact". Please share your configs with all labels defined!
  • issue 171: simplify the mouse sensitivity conversion
  • Gimx-config: The menu item "Replace mouse DPI" is renamed to "Convert mouse sensitivity" (people were confused about it...). Only display the "source mouse DPI" dialog if there is no mouse DPI saved in the config. Gimx-fpsconfig: The "adjust sensitivity" checkbox is replaced by a button. The "Mouse DPI" spin control is disabled in case the loaded config contains a valid DPI value (different from 0).
  • issue 173: Curses display
  • This replaces gimx-status. This improves performance and portability to small Linux targets with no windowing system. It displays a few additional values like the effective refresh rate and the processing time in microseconds (current/average/worst).
  • issue 174: Mouse and joystick macros
  • It's now possible to write macros with mouse and joystick events. New syntax: MACRO <DEVICE EVENT> <ID> <DEVICE EVENT> <ID> DELAY <MS> <DEVICE EVENT>: KEYDOWN, KEYUP, MBUTTONDOWN, MBUTTONUP, JBUTTONDOWN, JBUTTONUP <ID>: the event id as displayed in gimx-config <MS>: integer value in milliseconds Example: rapid_fire.txt [code]MACRO MBUTTONDOWN BUTTON_LEFT KEYDOWN p DELAY 50 KEYUP p DELAY 50 MBUTTONDOWN BUTTON_LEFT MACRO MBUTTONUP BUTTON_LEFT KEYUP p MBUTTONDOWN BUTTON_LEFT[/code] Key 'p' is bind to r1 in both hip fire and ADS profiles. Button 'BUTTON_LEFT' is NOT bind to r1 in both hip fire and ADS profiles. Note about multiple keyboards/mice/joysticks: only the first defined keyboard/mouse/joystick can trigger a macro.
Bug fix
  • issue 112: Config file names with a space can't be loaded by emuclient (Windows)
  • issue 156: Reading and saving sixaxis parameters fails (Linux+bluetooth)
  • issue 158: Update frequency not restored in gimx-serial
  • issue 159: Transient profile switch in case of delayed profile switch cancelation
  • issue 160: Config updater reports no error if there is no internet connection (Windows)
  • issue 165: Lowest stick positions not reachable (left/forward, Linux+bluetooth)
  • issue 167: Calibration does not save the config file (Linux)
  • issue 169: Right shift detected as left shift (Windows)
  • issue 172: Wrong chip version displayed in gimx-bluetooth (Linux+bluetooth)
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Re: GIMX 0.40

Post by Cybereu »

Now im using Arch Linux ill try compile first, im excited to try it !
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Re: GIMX 0.40

Post by jane8re »


Just downloaded the sources. Just need an hour or two to compile and test on my Gentoo Linux laptop.
Anyway, thanks Matlo for your great work.
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Re: GIMX 0.40

Post by asus007 »

thank you boss :D
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