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GIMX 0.50

Post by Matlo »

EDIT: if GIMX is complaining about a missing dll file (libintl-8.dll), please download and install GIMX again.

The core of GIMX (emuclient) was deeply modified for this release. It enhances control capabilities with GIMX+bluetooth or GIMX+GPP/Cronus.

Expect a few bugs!
In case of critical issues, just downgrade to version 0.42.
Please report issues through the googlecode page: link.

Known issues

Fixed issues.


  • issue 28: Motion sensing axis control
  • Some games like Killzone 2 or 3 are using motion sensing controls from the sixaxis. As GIMX wasn't able to modify these controls, it previously was necessary to use a real sixaxis in some situations. It's now possible to bind buttons or axes to motion sensing axes 'acc x' / 'acc y' / 'acc z' / 'gyro'. [b]This is only applicable using gimx-bluetooth[s], or gimx-serial with a GPP/Cronus[/s] (it can't work with the DIY USB adapter yet).[/b]
  • issue 123: Translate GUI
  • The native language of GIMX is English, but GUI messages can now be easily translated into other languages. GIMX will automatically load the language according to the system language (if translation is available). Only the French translation is available yet. If you want to translate GUI messages into your own language, please read Send me a PM if you want me to add your translation into the next GIMX release!
  • issue 126: Trigger intensity
  • All sixaxis buttons excluding PS, select, start, l3 and r3 are pressure sensitive, which means they also behave as axes. Each pressure sensitive button has a state in the 0-255 range. For example, value 0 means released, value 127 means halfway pressed, and 255 means fully pressed. Some games (for ex GTA IV / l2 trigger) are using this to apply different actions for a same button depending on the pressure. The 'stick intensity' control is now expanded to all axes including pressure sensitive buttons. [b]This is only applicable using gimx-bluetooth, or gimx-serial with a GPP/Cronus (it can't work with the DIY USB adapter yet).[/b]
  • issue 185: Do not save empty profiles/controllers
  • This makes configurations files smaller and easier to post on the web.
  • issue 186: compatibility with the Cronus
  • The Cronus has a different USB PID (product id) than the GPP, which explains why GIMX wasn't able to detect it. GIMX now also can connect to a Cronus.
Bug fix
  • issue 183: joysticks controls should not be displayed in gimx-fpsconfig
  • issue 187: Advanced > Link Control doesn't work anymore
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Re: GIMX 0.50

Post by McKack »

Very interesting release. Wish I could get my hands on a GPP/Cronus, impossible with the €27 customs limit here unless they can send it as a "gift" unfortunately...

I'll definitely try to do a translation though and let you know through PM when I'm done.
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Re: GIMX 0.50

Post by LiRYc »

Installed on my kubuntu , seems to work pretty well, I have modify my config file to use the gyro and ps button .
I haven't have the oportunity to use the gyro button yet, but it will be soon I guess.
Thank you for this update. !!
C ya.
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