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GIMX 2.00

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There is a bug in this release that prevents the diy USB adapter from working properly. Don't use this version if you are using this connection method. This is fixed in GIMX 2.01!

This is a release with enhancements and fixes.

Please report issues through there: link.

Read GIMX 1.00 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 0.51 or older.
Read GIMX 1.10 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 1.02 or older.

Known issues

Fixed issues.

Note: the GIMX update tool fails at downloading GIMX 2.00. Download and install it manually!

Fundraising for GIMX PS4 / Xbox One support.

Fixed issues
  • #105: Remote connection support
  • #168: High latency with GIMX + 2 controllers or GIMX + BT headset
  • #221: [Windows] Use Xinput for 360 controllers
  • #246: Source code modularization
  • #248: [GPP/Cronus/Titan] Adjust the refresh rate according to the output
  • #249: [DIY adapter] Fix the default refresh rates
  • #251: Adjust axis and button names according to the controller type
  • #253: Toggle mode for macro activation
  • #255: PS4 support
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