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GIMX 5.0

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This is a release with new features:
  • force feedback support for Logitech wheels on the PS4
  • touchpad support for the DIY USB adapter on the PS4
  • rumble support and performance improvements for the GPP/Cronus/Titan devices
  • Update your DIY USB adapter firmware!
  • When using force feedback, make sure to properly calibrate your wheel.
    This wiki page gives some calibration values for GNU/Linux users: link.
  • Force feedback support on the RPi requires to build and install the uhid kernel module. - Update 2015-10-02: the uhid kernel module is now provided when updating the firmware
  • Use GIMX x86_64 on 64bit Windows. GIMX i386 only works on 32bit Windows.
Please report issues here: link.

Read GIMX 1.00 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 0.51 or older.
Read GIMX 1.10 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 1.02 or older.

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Fixed issues.

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