GIMX 2.04

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GIMX 2.04

Post by Matlo »

This is a release with a new feature and one bug fix.

Please report issues through there: link.

Read GIMX 1.00 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 0.51 or older.
Read GIMX 1.10 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 1.02 or older.

Known issues

Fixed issues.

Downloads. Fundraising for GIMX PS4 / Xbox One support.

Fixed issues
  • #130: Support for window system events
    This allows to use GIMX with emulated devices (virtual keyboard/mouse) and with scripting tools such as AutoHotkey (Windows) or xdotool (Linux).
  • #270: [PS3, bluetooth] Gimx should exit when the controller is turned off
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Re: GIMX 2.04

Post by holynoob »

That's amazing. I'll start testing emulated devices now.
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