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GIMX 6.9

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This release brings the following improvements:
  • gimx-launcher shows explicit error messages for most common errors, and indicates possible causes.
  • On Windows 7, the installer checks if KB3033929 is installed, to prevent a failure of the UsbDk installation.
  • The redistributed cp210x driver gets updated to 6.7.4.
  • gimx-launcher can detect COM ports above COM31.
  • The single instance checker of gimx-launcher is now fully removed.
  • A potential crash of config editors on GNU/Linux is fixed (may happen when 'en_GB' locale is missing).
  • Binaries are no more stripped when compiling.
  • Input devices are now listed in log files.
  • On Windows, wide characters are now supported in device names.
  • On Windows, a memory leak is fixed (happens when using a mouse and a keyboard as inputs, through the "Physical devices" input mode).
  • The redistributed UsbDk driver gets updated to 1.0.19 (it fixes installation issues).
Fixed issues.

Software download.
Firmware download.

Please report issues here: link.

Known issues
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