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Configuration system improvements

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For last weeks we were working at improving configs system. Previously forum topic containing configuration index was pretty outdated and in order to find config for particular game You needed to search the forum, often diving through a sea of threads. Configs were often outdated with little to no information about it's playability etc.

So we did a Configuration Index page available on our wiki! It contains all configurations from forum and repository taken into one big database so you can find your config in a seconds!

We also introduced "playability" parameter. It is now required for all new configs and it describes how playable is the game on mouse. Most of games works pretty well but there are some exceptions as mouse emulation also relies on developers' implementation of input mechanics in game engine. You can now know what to expect when you download a config for game you want to play. For example "Killzone 1 HD" is rated at "Good". It means you should feel almost like playing native PC game while aiming with mouse. While most of the configs are rated at "Good" or "Average" there are some games that works pretty bad or are even unplayable. We also included them in the index so you can know what to expect. If you don't agree with current playability rating let us know on the forums.

Config Index is now sticky topic in the Configurations section of the forum replacing old, outdated forum index.

As always we encourage You to create new configs for games and also improve existing ones. If you think something can be improved don't hesitate to do it. As You can see on the wiki only some of them are coming directly from the GIMX staff. Most of them are made by the community and we're very happy about it! If you want to help just create your own config and share with us, on the forum.

Right now im working at configurations section rules and improving the wiki. Stay tuned!

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