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GIMX 7.1

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Thanks @Godlike, @isamu, @Zero7159 for testing deeply this new major release! Thanks to everyone that reported issues and helped fixing these.

New translations:
  • Spanish translation. Thanks @chuchuchuchu!
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks @herbertfx!
  • The strength of the FFB effects can be adjusted in gimx-config (in the "Overall > Force feedback tweaks" panel). The force feedback code was deeply improved to make it easier to add new force feedback wheel emulations. This will help adding G920 support, which has been postponed due to a lack of time.
  • Network protocol improvements: this makes different versions of GIMX higher than 7.1 able to communicate (e.g. 8.1 with 7.1).
  • The severity of the messages appears in the GIMX command window.
  • A new command line option allows to stop GIMX after a defined inactivity period: "--timeout value" with value in minutes.
  • Mouse is no more grabbed if configuration has only joystick bindings.
  • It is now possible to launch gimx-config or gimx-fpsconfig from gimx-launcher, even if no config is present.
  • Config file is now dumped into the log file.
  • Macros are now dumped into the log file.
  • The macro folder is now created automatically.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed crash or error message in gimx-fpsconfig when decimal point of the system locale is not a point (for example, a coma).
  • Fixed error message when canceling download.
  • Fixed crash on Windows when system has more than 256 devices and input method is physical devices.
  • Fixed gimx-config showing garbage for intensity dead zone and steps.
  • Fixed gimx-config truncating sensitivity decimals.
  • Fixed curses display not refreshing until mouse is moved.
Fixed issues.

Software download.
Firmware download.

Please report issues here: link.

Known issues
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