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GIMX 7.4

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  • Allow embedding macros in config files - this allows to fix timing issues for specific events (for example the DFGT dial button events)
  • Mouse translation: preserve movement direction - previous translation pushed movements towards diagonals, resulting in jerkiness along the axes. This version improves translation for most games. No change should be required to use previous configurations. Only very few games like Halo ones have worse translation with this change (expect this to be improved in a further release).
  • Stop on controller connection error - this kind of error happens when using a bad cable or when unplugging the cable from the computer USB port
  • Make the Windows setup request a restore point creation - note that Windows >= 8 only creates one restore point each 24H
  • Automatically enable calibrated profile - when using the calibration mode, selecting the profile now activates the profile (for example with a FPS config, selecting profile 2 in the calibration mode activates ADS profile)
Bug fix:
  • Force feedback not working for Logitech wheels - this was a regression from GIMX 7.1, and impacted games using several effects (for example constant + spring)
  • Leds not working for the G27 with the G29 emulation - this was a regression from GIMX 7.1
  • On GNU/Linux, wheel controls the mouse - this happened when using a Logitech wheel and when using gimx-launcher to start GIMX (the fix requires to log off after updating)
Fixed issues.

Software download.
Firmware download.

Please report issues here: link.

Known issues
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