Multiple GIMX Adapters for multiple players on a single PC to console?

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Multiple GIMX Adapters for multiple players on a single PC to console?

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Greetings! I’ve read some conflicting threads on this forum pertaining to this particular topic, and I was wondering if anyone had a concrete answer or solution to this question: if I were to plug 3 separate GIMX Adapters into my PC, can each of them be paired to a game console as Player #1, Player #2, and Player #3 controllers? My goal is to be able to play local-only 4-player co-op games on Nintendo Switch (i.e. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe) online with my friends via Parsec, and having them gain control of my Nintendo Switch remotely via the GIMX Adapters registering their XInput-based controllers remotely with the "EMUSWITCH-09-16" firmware. I’ve had success in this method with 1 player/friend, but I’m wondering if two more GIMX Adapters can be recognized as separate peripherals, both by my PC and my game console? I came across this thread where the user “SteamController” replied to a user who has a very similar situation to mine, saying “for Player 2 controls, you will need another GIMX adapter,” as you can see in the last post in the thread.

But then I I found another thread where a user was running into an issue where all of the GIMX Adapters he was using were recognized by his PS3 as 1 player controller, which could only be circumvented by flashing a separate, custom-made firmware on his second GIMX Adapter (see the last post in the thread).

For anyone who can test this, or to anyone who knows for certain whether or not this can be done, or if you have another solution to this issue, please let me know so I don’t have to slam $60+ down on extra GIMX Adapters only to find out the hard way, lol. :lol: Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Multiple GIMX Adapters for multiple players on a single PC to console?

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Hello, I've been using GIMX for the exact reason you've stated; playing local split screen games with my mates over Parsec.

The short answer is yes, you can plug in multiple GIMX adapters on a single PC. It becomes a bit of a mess of cables, wires, and managing program windows but it's totally do-able.

As it turns out, you don't need a custom firmware from that other thread (although that does keep things tidy), but what you do need to do is create and assign a new controller config per extra adapter plugged in and rebind all the buttons for that device. The default configs will be setup for Gamepad Xinput 0, make sure the new configs are looking for inputs from Gamepad Xinput 1/2/3...etc otherwise their controllers won't work or have input overlaps.

Now for Nintendo Switch specifically, I haven't tested the EMUSWITCH firmware myself; I believed it abandoned and no longer working. If it works for you, then cool but my method is using a Mayflash Magic NS adapter with its USB input. Feed it PS3/PS4 inputs from GIMX and it will work.

Alternatively you do not need GIMX or ANY adapters to achieve this on Switch, it has homebrew that can do it by sending inputs over your network. You will need a console with custom firmware.

Here is the guide for that: ... ec.576705/

and here is useful homebrew for Switch that lets you use any bluetooth controllers:

And lastly, you will need a capture card with very little latency otherwise games will be unplayable. There's only two models that I would even consider, Elgato HD60 X or Avermedia Livegamer 4K. I use the Livegamer 4K myself and it's excellent. You will also need around 25mbps internet upload minimum to support 3 extra players.
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