make a mega chip work as an xbox one.

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make a mega chip work as an xbox one.

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Hey all, very sorry if this is off topic but it looks like the members around here maybe of the only that can help me.

Simple and short: I want to make my atmega32u4 act as a xbox one on a PC, without using Arduino code.

info: I also can make a xbox 360, ps3, switch, and many more. They all work simply by cloning what I see on the OEM controller I'm well aware that the 360 has 3 layers of security but windows never asks for it.

Theory, my best guess is the xbox one force security because my device will not work. I was able to make the device work by removing the duplicate interfaces, and maybe that may have only disable the security checks and somehow told windows I'm not an xbox controller.

Can any one answer these questions?
1: Can I accomplish this without security on a PC? - If so I can share what I had learned and show the issue I have.
2: If security is a concern has it been cracked and can I put the security blobs in my code?
3: Can I cripple the secure and make it work as a regular controller for application that do not ask for security?
4) Any insight in were I may have failed.
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