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GIMX 0.41

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This is a bug fix release.

Please report issues through the googlecode page: link.

  • I have not managed to reproduce the latency issue that was reported for Ubuntu 12.04 (stick to Ubuntu 11.10 to use GIMX+bluetooth)
  • the 360 support with the diy usb adapter is still considered as experimental
Known issues

Fixed issues.


  • issue 178: Remove gnome-terminal dependency
  • gnome-terminal is replaced by xterm, which is more widespread in all Linux distros.
Bug fix
  • issue 180: d-pad buttons not working
  • This was a regression of GIMX 0.40.
  • issue 181: axis to button mapping not working
  • This was a regression of a previous GIMX version.
  • issue 182: High gimx-bluetooth / gimx-serial CPU load
  • This is a major performance issue. It was a regression of GIMX 0.40.
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