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GIMX 1.10

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This is a release with many fixed bugs and enhancements.

Please report issues through the googlecode page: link.

Read GIMX 1.00 annoucement in case of upgrade from GIMX 0.51 or older.

Known issues

Fixed issues.


Fundraising for GIMX PS4 / Xbox One support.

  • If you use a DIY USB adapter you'll have to upgrade its firmware to use GIMX 1.10!
  • Older GIMX releases are not compatible with the new firmwares.
  • The tx pin of the teensy must be properly wired to the serial adapter (it previously was only mandatory for the 360 controller emulation).
  • issue 146: The Xbox 360 controller emulation now also works in Windows, and the spoof should work better.
    Windows-specific notes:
    • the stock 360 controller driver has to be replaced with the libusbk driver (winusb and libusb-win32 do not work). This can easily be done using Zadig.
    • the 360 controller has to be unplugged/replugged before each spoof (the libusbk can't reset the controller).
  • issue 196: the 360 controller firmware now waits for a GIMX order before communicating with the 360. This allows to leave the DIY USB adapter plugged all the time to the 360.
  • issue 228: [DIY USB adapter] Auto-detect the controller type.
    All the firmwares are now able to report to GIMX what kind of controller is emulated. This allows GIMX to automatically configure several parameters (such as the data format, the axis ranges, the frequency, the need for a spoof...).
  • issue 233: there is no need anymore to add KEYDOWN LSHIFT and KEYDOWN ESCAPE at the end of the macro when using the --keygen command line argument. Emuclient will automatically exit if there is no more event or macro to be processed.
  • issue 235: Some keyboards have extended keys like Play/Pause, Stop, Next track, Previous track, etc, which were already usable in Linux. They now should work in Windows too.
    In Linux, the keycodes are the same for all keyboards layouts, i.e. the 'z' from a French azerty layout is recognized as a 'w'. This makes the config examples directly usable, whatever the keyboard layout. It is now the same in Windows.
  • issue 236: it's now possible to send controls to the console from the command line, without having to create a configuration and macros to use with the --keygen argument.

    Code: Select all

    emuclient -p /dev/ttyUSB0 --event "lstick x(127)" --event "rstick y(-128)" --event "circle(255)" --event "square(0)"
    This moves the left stick right, the right stick forward, fully presses the circle button, and releases the square button.
    The state of all other controls is cleared, i.e. all other buttons and axes are released (in the above command, --event "square(0)" is not necessary).
    emuclient should complete in about 10ms.
    Names and value ranges:
    "lstick x", "lstick y", "rstick x", "rstick y": [-128,127]
    "acc x", "acc y", "acc z", "gyro": [-512,511]
    "select", "start", "PS", "l3", "r3": {0, 255} (only two values as these buttons are not pressure-sensitive)
    "up", "right", "down", "left", "triangle", "circle", "cross", "square", "l1", "r1", "l2", "r2": [0,255]
Fixed bugs
  • issue 220: [Xbox 360] Rtrigger and Ltrigger only work as digital buttons.
  • issue 223: [Windows] Mouse wheel not working.
  • issue 224: [Macro triggers] Same activation trigger not working for multiple macros.
  • issue 226: [Windows] Mouse wheel events are not ignored while calibrating.
  • issue 227: [gimx-config] Axis mapping label is always set to "1".
  • issue 229: [Windows][French translation] Mouse options not working.
  • issue 231: [Windows] Multiple mice can't be used at the same time.
  • issue 232: [Windows] Key repeats should be suppressed.
  • issue 234: [Linux] Macros triggered with the --keygen argument do not work.
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