GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

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GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

Post by SrgntBallistic » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:57 pm


I'm new here* and just getting a grasp on the capabilities of GIMX. I did a search and saw a few older threads about Rock Band compatibility. I know it's currently listed in the incompatible list.

A while back Harmonix (RB developer) worked with PDP (officially licensed peripheral company) to produce a limited run of a Legacy Peripheral Adapter that let people used their Xbox 360 wired peripherals on Rock Band 4 for Xbox One. For some reason despite there still being a large demand they decided to discontinue the adapter. Some conjecture it's because they had a falling out with Harmonix. Others that the licensing/auth costs associated with making devices for Xbox One made the product unprofitable.


To this day people are still trying to find these devices for reasonable prices. Of course people have taken advantage and bought multiple listing them for as much as $500 on ebay (MSRP was $29.999 and dropped to $9.99 at points).

A few people discussed reverse engineering the PDP adapter but nothing much came of it. Specifically for drums there's quite a few people that bought nice Electronic Drum kits just to play. Now they're left without a way to play the newest game. A lot of us have put hundreds or more into our music libraries. Some people have even bought PS4s and abandoned their non-transferable song library to keep playing.

I have a PDP Legacy adapter and decided to look into see if there was a reasonable alternative to the adapter. That's why I'm here. I think quite a few people would gladly pick up GIMX adapters DIY or from the shop if it helped them.

I've done a little bit of work to figure out what the PDP device is doing. I hooked them up to my PC and sniffed the USB messages when hitting buttons and drums. Similar to GIMX it takes the poll response from the Xbox 360 peripherals and changes it to what Rock Band on the Xbox One expects.


My understanding of the report format is as follows
Reports are type 0x00, and 20 bytes long:

x - left trigger
y - right trigger
a - left thumbstick
b - right thumbstick buttons:

tttt is the rest of the buttons and used the following button mask.
0x0001 Left shoulder
0x0002 Right shoulder
0x0004 XBox button
0x0008 ??
0x0010 A
0x0020 B
0x0040 X
0x0080 Y
0x0100 D-pad up
0x0200 D-pad down
0x0400 D-pad left
0x0800 D-pad right
0x1000 Start
0x2000 Back
0x4000 Left thumbstick button
0x8000 Right thumbstick button

So as seen in the image Rock Band on both systems seems to encode the different drum hits to a combination of controller buttons along with the left and right thumbstick angle.

So it seems possible to map this and passthrough the data. I'm not sure what or if the first 8 or so bytes of the Xbox One reports represent.

Wondering if it might be possible to use GIMX for this with Drums at first at least. If not would anyone have any recommendations to accomplish this with something more custom.

Thanks in Advance,

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Re: GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

Post by Matlo » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:56 pm


I recommend to capture communication between the adapter and the console. Then see if there are unexpected thing happening. If you see strange transfers with data looking random between captures, then there is probably some authentication involved.

For this task you can use serialusb:
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Re: GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

Post by SrgntBallistic » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:58 pm

Thank you. I'll look into this! I'm not sure I have the hardware on hand to get it down right away. But will update if when I'm able to.

Not sure if the Device Info reported to Windows is of importance. But here it is.

I can also get the initialization/handshake between the devices and windows in the mean time.

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Re: GIMX for Xbox 360 Peripherals on Xbox One

Post by Captive » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:02 pm

SrgntBallistic, thank you for starting this.
I am one of those people seeking the wired PDP adapter, or an affordable alternative.

I've ordered a GIMX adapter. I have the ION Drum rocker and a few Linux PCs including a Pi3.
If I can assist without the wired PDP legacy adapter, I'll try my best.

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