Hello from Los Angeles USA

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Hello from Los Angeles USA

Post by ace500 »

Just received your GIMX adapter a few days ago.
I am using it for my pc primarily to emulate the Logitech g27. Hardware I use is the Leo bodnar Sim Steering v1.
The main reason I purchased the adapter is to use my direct drive wheel for Forza 7 pc version.
This is a great piece of kit I love it. The force feedback feels great even to rival some hardcore sims.
Thank you for your product and service.

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Re: Hello from Los Angeles USA

Post by kaiba_seto2004 »

Welcome :)
PS4 enthusiast.

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Re: Hello from Los Angeles USA

Post by GoDlike »

Hello :)
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Re: Hello from Los Angeles USA

Post by Matlo »

Welcome :)
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